Oscar Ahnfelt

May 21, 1813, Gull­arp, Skåne, Swe­den.

Oc­to­ber 22, 1882, Karls­hamn, Blek­inge, Swe­den.

Hvilans Kyrk­o­gård, Karls­hamn, Blek­inge, Swe­den.


Sweden’s Spir­it­u­al Trou­ba­dour, Ahn­felt com­posed or ar­ranged the mu­sic for all of Li­na San­dell’s hymns. Like San­dell, he was a Pi­e­tist and tra­veled through­out Scan­di­na­via singi­ng her hymns, ac­com­pa­ny­ing him­self with a 10 string gui­tar.

The state church op­posed pi­e­tis­tic hymns, and or­dered Ahn­felt to sing them be­fore King Karl XV. Af­ter hear­ing him, the king said, You may sing as much as you de­sire in both of my king­doms. He sang them so much that San­dell wrote, Ahn­felt has sung my songs into the hearts of the pe­ople.

Jenny Lind, the Swed­ish Night­ing­ale, was also a Pi­etist and pop­u­lar­ized San­dell’s hymns in Amer­i­ca and wher­ev­er she sang. She also fi­nanced the first ed­i­tion of Ahn­felt’s songs, con­sist­ing most­ly of San­dell’s hymns.

  1. Ack, Sal­i­ga Stun­der
  2. Ahnfelt
  3. Blott en Dag
  4. My Heart Is Yearn­ing Ev­er
  5. Tjäna
  6. Tryggare Kan Ing­en Va­ra
  7. Var Jag Går