July 30, 1810, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

May 4, 1887, Melrose, Massachusetts.


Ordained in 1833 in Rumney, New Hampshire, Adams served in Claremont, New Hampshire (1836–38); Malden, Massachusetts (1838–53); Worcester, Massachusetts (1853–60); Providence, Rhode Island (1860–65); Lowell, Massachusetts (1865–74); Cincinnati, Ohio (1874–76); and Melrose, Massachusetts (1877–87).

In New Hampshire, Adams edited the Star in the East, and in Massachusetts the Gospel Teacher, Myrtle, and the Sunday School Helper. Buchtel College in Akron, Ohio, awarded him an honorary doctor of divinity degree in 1877. His works include:

  1. God’s Angels! Not Only on High Do They Sing
  2. Heaven Is Here, Its Hymns of Gladness

Adams’ burial place