Ju­ly 28, 1859, Ox­ford, Ohio.


Carrie was the daugh­ter of Da­vid Wil­son, a song writ­er and mu­sic teach­er, and wife of Al­lyn G. Ad­ams (mar­ried 1880).

Soon after mar­ri­age, she and Al­lyn moved to Terre Haute, In­di­a­na, where he was a lead­ing bass sing­er and in­volved in large com­mer­cial en­ter­pris­es.

She be­came a leadi­ng fig­ure in the mu­sic­al life of Terre Haute, ac­tive in the Cho­ral Club, Tre­ble Clef Club, Rose Poly­tech­nic Glee Club, and the First Con­gre­ga­tion­al Church and Cen­tral Chris­tian Church choirs, as di­rec­tor, cho­ris­ter and or­gan­ist. From 1887–95, she oc­cu­pied the chair of mu­sic at the In­di­a­na State Nor­mal School.

The 1930 cen­sus shows Car­rie and Al­lyn liv­ing in Port­land, Or­e­gon.

  1. Brighter Than the Sun­shine
  2. God Wants All His Child­ren
  3. Have You Ev­er Thought How Much the Lord
  4. Heavenly Fa­ther, Hear Thy Child­ren
  5. How Many the Bless­ings
  6. If Your Heart Is Full of Love
  7. Jesus, the Sav­ior, Was Cru­c­ified
  8. Joy to the World
  9. Little Ba­by in the Man­ger
  10. Marching Along
  11. Marching, March­ing All To­geth­er
  12. Marching, March­ing, While We Sing
  13. Music Softly Fall­ing
  14. O Jesus, Let Me Walk with Thee
  15. O Lov­ing Sav­ior, Car­ing So
  16. Our Lov­ing Lord Was Cru­ci­fied
  17. Our Ten­der Lov­ing Fa­ther, We Come
  18. Rallying Song
  19. Send Out Thy Light, Let It Shine
  20. Savior’s Love, The
  21. Soldiers Are We, as We March Along To­geth­er
  22. Song of Cheer, A
  23. Steadily March­ing On­ward
  24. There’s a Won­der­ful Friend in the Ci­ty Above
  25. Touch Not, Taste Not
  26. We Are Sol­diers
  27. We March Along with Hap­py Song
  28. We’re Ca­dets That Want to Bat­tle for the Right
  1. To the Help of the Lord