July 28, 1859, Oxford, Ohio.


Carrie’s father was David Wilson, a song writer and music teacher. She married Allyn G. Adams in 1880, and soon after moved to Terre Haute, Indiana, where her husband was a leading bass singer and involved in large commercial enterprises. She became a leading figure in the musical life of Terre Haute, active in the Choral Club, Treble Clef Club, Rose Polytechnic Glee Club, and the First Congregational Church and Central Christian Church choirs, as director, chorister and organist. From 1887 to 1895, she occupied the chair of music at the Indiana State Normal School.

The 1930 census shows Carrie and Allyn living in Portland, Oregon.

  1. Brighter Than the Sunshine
  2. God Wants All His Children
  3. Have You Ever Thought How Much the Lord
  4. Heavenly Father, Hear Thy Children
  5. How Many the Blessings
  6. If Your Heart Is Full of Love
  7. Jesus, the Savior, Was Crucified
  8. Joy to the World
  9. Little Baby in the Manger
  10. Marching Along
  11. Marching, Marching All Together
  12. Marching, Marching, While We Sing
  13. Music Softly Falling
  14. O Jesus, Let Me Walk with Thee
  15. O Loving Savior, Caring So
  16. Our Loving Lord Was Crucified
  17. Our Tender Loving Father, We Come
  18. Rallying Song
  19. Send Out Thy Light, Let It Shine
  20. Savior’s Love, The
  21. Soldiers Are We, as We March Along Together
  22. Song of Cheer, A
  23. Steadily Marching Onward
  24. There’s a Wonderful Friend in the City Above
  25. Touch Not, Taste Not
  26. We Are Soldiers
  27. We March Along with Happy Song
  28. We’re Cadets That Want to Battle for the Right
  1. To the Help of the Lord