?–circa 1182
Abbey of St. Victor, 1655

Though Ad­am of St. Vic­tor was one of the most prominent and prolific La­tin hymnists of the Middle Ages, little is known of him. Writers nearest his time describe him as Bri­to, possibly indicating a native of Bri­tain or Brit­ta­ny. All that is certain is that around 1130, after being educated in Par­is, he became, at quite a young age, a monk in the Ab­bey of St. Victor, a well known school of theology on the outskirts of Par­is. He spent the rest of his life there, dying some time between 1172 and 1192.

  1. Animemur ad agonem
  2. Ave, Virgo singularis
  3. Heri mundus exultavit
    • Death Shall Be Thy Birthday Morn
    • Jesu, Word of God Incarnate
    • Mingling with the Shouts of Earth
    • Yesterday the Happy Earth
    • Yesterday the World Elated
    • Yesterday, with Exultation
  4. Iucundare plebs fidelis
  5. Jubilemus Salvatori
  6. Laudes crucis attollamus
  7. Missus Gabriel de coelis (attributed)
  8. Mundi Renovatio
  9. Potestate non natura
  10. Salve, Mater Salvatoris
  11. Stola regni laureatus
    • Decked with Robes Such State Befitting
    • Glorious Apostolic Cohort
    • In Royal Robes of Splendor
    • Laurelled with the Stole Victorious
    • To the Apostolic Cohort
  12. Supernae matris gaudia
  13. Vergi vere substantivi
  14. Vox sonora nostri chori

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