20th Century
  1. After the Shadow, Sunlight
  2. Beloved, You May Be Far
  3. Beloved Youths, if ’Tis Your Aim
  4. Blind Bartim’us Received His Sight
  5. Come to His Manger Bed
  6. Gone, Gone, Gone All My Sins
  7. I Want Jesus to Reign
  8. I Will Walk Through the Valley
  9. I’m Old-Fashioned, Brother
  10. In the Stillness, in the Quiet
  11. Jesus Goes Before
  12. My Lord Came to Me
  13. Now That I Know Jesus
  14. Old-Fashioned Way, The
  15. Safe on His Shoulders
  16. Sweeter Today Than Yesterday
  17. There Are No Clouds
  18. Therefore if Any Man
  19. Wash Me, and I Shall Be
  20. When Old Satan Comes Around
  21. Yesterday, Today, Forever
  22. Stars in the Night