Green Pastures for the Lambs, 1886

March 1, 1825, Olive Township, Ulster County, New York, or Chester, New Jersey.

March, 24, 1887, Chester, New Jersey.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester, New Jersey.

Alonzo was the son of David and Nancy Farnham Abbey, and brother to Horatio Abbey. He married twice: to Margaret Rutledge (1848) and Mary Elizabeth Topping (1862).

Abbey taught music for several years, and was a music publisher. His works include:

  1. Be Kind to Thy Father
  2. Better Years Begin, The
  3. Come to Jesus Now
  4. Come to the Savior, Children, Today
  5. Far Away
  6. Jesus Is Calling
  7. Merry Christmas Bells, The
  8. There Is an Earnest Voice
  1. Banner of Victory
  2. Beautiful Home, A
  3. Birthday of Our King, The
  4. Blessèd Bible!
  5. Bright Glory to Come
  6. Christmas Bells
  7. Christmas Carol
  8. Cooling
  9. Family Bible, The
  10. Fitchburg
  11. Give Me Thine Heart!
  12. Green Pastures
  13. Harvest Is White, The
  14. He Is Risen
  15. He Will Lead Me Home
  16. Here Again
  17. Joy in Heaven
  18. Merry Christmas Bells
  19. Only a Little While
  20. Our Risen Savior!
  21. Speed the Gospel On
  22. We Shall Reap By and By
  23. Work While the Day Lasts

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