Scripture Verse

The Lord hath made all things. Proverbs 16:4


Robert G. Cullinan

Words: R. Mi­chael Cull­i­nan, 1996.

Music: Love Di­vine (Stain­er) John Stain­er, 1889 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Alternate Tune:

John Stainer


Holy Father, God almighty,
Holy Jesus, God adored,
Holy Spirit, God of comfort,
Holy, holy, holy Lord!
All our praises rise before You,
God who made all that exists.
As You did with ancient offerings,
Send Your Spirit on our gifts.

You gave us Your body, Jesus,
On the night You were betrayed—
Bread of heaven, earthly feasting—
Sacrifice for sins now paid.
And You gave Your blood to nourish
Body, spirit and the soul—
Cup of blessing that did heal us—
Liquid that did make us whole.

We recall Your incarnation!
We recall Your earthly life!
We recall Your crucifixion
Full of agony and strife!
We recall Your resurrection
From the grave though sealed with stone!
This Your victory over death, Lord,
Gives us promise for our own.

And recalling Your ascension,
We entreat You and implore
That You soon return and take us
To be with You evermore!
Send Your Spirit to be with us
As we pilgrim through this life.
Keep your church and all our loved ones
From all evil and all strife.

With the saints and with the angels
We are longing, Lord, to be,
Where with praise and adoration,
Our Redeemer we shall see.
Through and with and in Christ Jesus,
In the Spirit’s unity,
Be all honor to the Father
Now and through eternity!