Scripture Verse

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1


George T. Thalben-Ball

Words: A can­ti­cle from the Sep­tu­a­gint (Ben­e­dic­te). Trans­lat­ed by John S. Black­ie in the Bi­ble Hymn Book, by Ho­ra­ti­us Bo­nar, 1845.

Music: Llan­herne George T. Thal­ben-Ball (1896–1987) (🔊 pdf nwc).

John S. Blackie

Origin of the Hymn

This hymn was com­posed by me for the ve­ry beau­ti­ful Bur­schen me­lo­dy, Alt­es Schwei­ge, the mu­sic and words of which will be found in the col­lec­tion Bur­schen Me­lo­dies, pub­lished by me in Tait’s Ma­ga­zine for 1840, vol. vii. p. 259. Ma­ny of these mel­o­dies, though used on con­vi­vi­al oc­ca­sions, have a sol­em­ni­ty about them, in vir­tue of which they are well fit­ted for the ser­vice of the Sanc­tu­a­ry.

John Blackie


Angels holy, high and lowly,
Sing the praises of the Lord!
Earth and sky, all living nature,
Man the stamp of thy creator,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Sun and moon bright, night and moonlight,
Starry temples azure-floored,
Cloud and rain, and wild winds’ madness,
Sons of God that shout for gladness,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Ocean hoary, tell His glory,
Cliffs, where tumbling seas have roared,
Pulse of waters, blithely beating,
Wave advancing, wave retreating,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Rock and highland, wood and island,
Crag where eagle’s pride hath soared;
Mighty mountains, purple breasted,
Peaks cloud-cleaving, snowy crested,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Rolling river, praise Him ever,
From the mountain’s deep vein poured;
Silver fountain, clearly gushing,
Troubled torrent, madly rushing,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Bond and free man, land and sea man,
Earth, with peoples widely stored;
Wanderer lone o’er prairies ample,
Full-voiced choir, in costly temple,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

Praise Him ever, bounteous giver!
Praise Him, Father, friend and Lord!
Each glad soul its free course winging,
Each blithe voice its free song singing,
Praise the great and mighty Lord!